Training for Finance Professionals

Every Finance Professional has a highly sought after skillset. One that has been honed over many years of study and experience.

But those technical, spreadsheet and reporting skills only get you so far.....before your career inevitably hits a ceiling

Enter the Finance Business Partner

The skills required to be a great one are never taught to you as a finance professional.

Until now.

Join one of the world's leading authorities on Finance Business Partnering, Andrew Jepson, as he takes you through a  series of 5 workshops that will totally transform the way you work with non finance.

And turn you from that finance person nobody wants to work with, to that finance person everyone wants to work with. Sign up now to the....

And what is included in the FBP Accelerator Program?


Workshop 1

The Principles of FBP 

Thursday 7th March 2024

Sydney Time 8am - 10am (Thursdays)

London Time 9pm - 11pm (Wednesdays)

New York Time 4pm - 6pm (Wednesdays)

Discover the small tweaks you need to make to your approach as a Finance Professional, to become that Business Partner everyone wants to work with.

It's not what you do that makes the difference, it's the way you do it and in this workshop we will show you simple techniques to practice and apply the minute you leave the workshop



Workshop 2

Freeing Up For FBP 

Thursday 14th March 2024

Sydney Time 8am - 10am (Thursdays)

London Time 9pm - 11pm (Wednesdays)

New York Time 4pm - 6pm (Wednesdays)

One of the number one issues for any Finance Professional trying to become a great FBP.....I don't have enough time and I can't get a seat at the table.

In this workshop we will show you simple techniques to prioritise what you are working on, and ways to effectively delegate, automate and eliminate things from your desk.



Workshop 3

Numbers & Visualisation 

Thursday 21st March 2024

Sydney Time 8am - 10am (Thursdays)

London Time 9pm - 11pm (Wednesdays)

New York Time 4pm - 6pm (Wednesdays)

If you work in Finance, the rest of the organisation will be coming to your for numbers and ways to visualise them.

This workshop simplifies the way you communicate the most important thing a finance business partner understands more than anyone....their numbers! And highlights how you have probably been doing it wrong for years.



Workshop 4

Implementing Insights  

Thursday 28th March 2024

Sydney Time 8am - 10am (Thursdays)

London Time 9pm - 11pm (Wednesdays)

New York Time 4pm - 6pm (Wednesdays)


Ask anyone outside of finance what they want from finance and they will say INSIGHTS!!!

Through a simple clockface model we will show you the things to be thinking about when identifying insight. And, most importantly, simple ways to get your business partners to action your recommendations.



Workshop 5

Relationships and Influencing  

Thursday 4th April 2024

Sydney Time 8am - 10am (Thursdays)

London Time 9pm - 11pm (Wednesdays)

New York Time 4pm - 6pm (Wednesdays)

With great relationships you get the questions you want answered, the information you need and sometimes, you even get things you didn't ask for.

In this workshop we show you how to make your business partners feel comfortable, so you can then find out what they need your help with.


What else is included?

One Workshop per week

Our workshops are run every week at the same time. We can't avoid month ends but it's only for two hours. And if you do miss one we can provide a recording for you.

Loads of templates

Over 30 tools, techniques and templates that can be applied tomorrow. You can use them individually or you can put them together and really unlock some power

16 Hours of CPD

If you attend all five workshops you will have earnt over 16 hours of CPD. That's 6 hours of on demand videos, plus a further 2 hours per workshop. You will be set for the year.

Zoom Environment

We use Zoom for our workshops. Why? Because it's the simplest platform to use and allows us to break you into rooms to do some work, share our screens effectively and hardly ever freezes

Direct Contact 

All queries and questions go directly to Andrew, not some computer or assistant with 2 months experience. If you have a question, he will answer it personally and is on call if needed.

World Class Content

Our content has been delivered to over 7,000 FBPs across the world since 2016. We know FBP! And you will have access to the videos for as long as you need.

Access to FBP Kickstart

We include access to our on demand video program FBP Kickstart free of charge for the duartion of the program. Thats over $150 in value alone!!!

Real World Case Studies

We are light on for corporate frameworks that don't work in the real world. We use tools that work and are easy to apply and demonstrate with simplicity.

Endorsed by CAANZ & ACCA

All of these programs are endorsed and supported by two of the largest member bodies in the world.

- Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ)

- Association of Chartered Certified Accountanrts (ACCA)

Our workshops have been delivered for them over the years and we are proud they consider us to be their FBP experts.

If you are a member of CAANZ, jump on their estore and you receive a 10% discount with every registration


What some of our past attendees say about the FBP training...


Your Host - Andrew Jepson FCA

Hello there....I am one of world's leading experts on the topic of Finance Business Partnering. With over 20 years commercial experience as a Chartered Accountant, I have spent the last seven years dedicated to training, developing and lifting the impact and influence of accountants in commercial organisations. For this I was recently awarded my Fellowship with the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand. 

Along with my team of experts at theFBPteam.com we have trained over 8,000 finance individuals since 2016. We do this both individually and for large global corporate clients and we love it!

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If we have not addressed any questions below just contact me directly and I will personally respond within 48 hours