What Would You Do With One Million Dollars?

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2024

Hypothetical question: What would you do with one million dollars?

You open your front door and there it is in a suitcase. With a note that says:

"A suitcase contains $1 million. You have 30 minutes to make an itemised list of how you would spend this on a luxury holiday"

What would you spend it on?

I am sure the excitement of the choices would drive you crazy, you could literally do just about anything you want with whoever you want.

You make your list and it has everything. You then open the suitcase to find a note that says:
"a suitcase" has $1 million in it, but this suitcase only has $1,440."

What would you do?

You still get to take your holiday but now you need to make choices - where do you go, who do you take/not take.

And this is what people who do not manage their time very well don't do well

They don't make choices and their workload is defined by others - or they do they fun, easy and urgent stuff hoping to one day get their heads above water.

There are 1,440 minutes in every day. No more, no less.

Which means your job is to make choices around what you work on.

Make poor ones, and you don't get that time back and you don't get any more.

Make wise ones and you find yourself focusing on the things that are important and matter - and suddenly you become way more effective.

As a test choose something you have been putting off right now. Put a time in the diary to do it in the next week.....and most importantly commit to it and do it.



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