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Finance Business Partnering requires leadership, communication, and negotiation skills. The FBP Team trains, coaches and develops finance professionals on becoming valuable business partners across the organization.

"Once the robots arrive, the only thing left will be Business Partnering."


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We Train Finance Professionals Across All Industries

We work with the finance teams of some of the world's top companies.

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To get you started on your finance business partnering journey, register for our free 60-minute Bootcamp. Download a copy of "Compliance to Commercial, The Quiet Approach to Finance Business Partnering", and take our free online assessment.

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In just 60-minutes you will learn the skills and techniques that will set you on the path to totally transforming your career and increase the impact your finance team has on non-finance teams. Founder, Andrew Jepson leads a live 60-minute session every month.

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Download a free copy of Compliance to Commercial: The QUIET Approach to Finance Business Partnering for industry insights you won't find anywhere else!

Download a free copy of "Compliance to Commercial: The QUIET approach to Finance Business Partnering", one of the world's only published books on Finance Business Partnering. Buy it at all the major bookstores, or download your free copy now.

Includes tools and tips you can apply immediately!


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Take our quick Finance Business Partner Skills quiz and discover where you sit on our FBP Maturity Model.


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