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Our on demand videos are perfect for the person who just wants to learn at their own pace, in their own time

If you want to move faster though, our FBP Accelerator programs are the perfect tool for blended learning
with one of the world's leading experts on business partnering, Andrew Jepson

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FBP Kickstart

 Our 7 Day FBP Kickstart Program is a complete on demand video lesson. With over 6 hours and 30 tools and techniques to allow you to self learn at your own pace, its perfect for those wanting to kickstart their FBP careers.

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FBP Accelerator:


Our Essentials program is the perfect place to start if you are looking for instant impact. Over 4 workshops you will learn the Essential skills needed to work with other functions effectively.

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FBP Accelerator:


You know the basics but now you want to become and Expert. With a focus on Influencing & Communicating more effectively with other functions, this set of 8 workshops will totally transform your career.

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