Why would you choose to work with theFBPteam?

theFBPteam is a global network of former finance executives and professional facilitators who have all spent time working outside of finance
When you engage us you are gaining access to people who have done this before and speak from decades of experience applying it. 
Which is way more useful than the theory you get from most consultancies.

Hi, I am Andrew Jepson

I am a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of commercial experience and have been training finance individuals since 2016.

The programs that theFBPteam run are developed from the executive coaching and training provided to me during my corporate career that totally transformed my career.

And are only ever offered to "top talent". Which seems unfair to me.

So I leveraged the privileged position I had and created my own trainings specifically designed for finance professionals looking to propel their career

Training that finance teams are very rarely exposed to and significantly impact the way you work with other functions.



Once I was exposed to these tools and techniques I was able to totally transform my career from a finance person nobody wanted to work with, to a finance person everyone wanted to work with.

And it was with these skills I became a General Manager and saw things from the other side. Where finance was partnering me.

Unfortunately it wasn't pretty and so I decided to lead the change.

All of the training, coaching and development we provide is sourced from these experiences. No theory you can't apply, but case studies and real life techniques you can put to use the minute the training finishes.

Not only will it make you a great FBP, it will make you a more effective person.

Endorsed by  CAANZ and ACCA

All of our training is endorsed and used by the professional member bodies including CAANZ and ACCA.

In Australia & New Zealand we are the preferred 3rd party provider for CAANZ corporate clients on FBP.

And in the Asia Pacific region we work with ACCA delivering the same programs publicly for their member base

Over the years we have also done work for ICAEW in the UK and CPA Australia.

If Finance Business Partnering is what you need our stuff works, and is fully endorsed by the people that matter.


TheFBPteam - a globally connected network

TheFBPteam is a network of professional facilitators just like me - those connections are known collectively as theFBPteam

We can service any finance team, and any finance individual

Anywhere, any time

Which makes us the perfect choice if you are looking to train your teams globally and in different locations.

And if there is something we don't do, there is a fair chance we know someone who can do it, and will connect you.

Check out our team here

Fully accredited coaching and profiling

Our team is fully accredited with Insights Discovery and Human Synergistics to profile and coach you and your teams.

Our passion around understanding what makes people in organisations work led us to become fully accredited with these two globally renowned tools.

With these powerful tools we can provide profiling of your FBP styles and help you adapt to your stakeholders more effectively. We can also perform 360 assessments using the LSI/GSI tools of Human Synergistics and shine a completely unbiased light on what is and isn't working for you and your team.

Download a sample Insights Profile here

But what does that mean for you and your team?

Work with TheFBPteam and within 90 days you will see a significant shift in your finance teams capability.

And so will the non finance teams they work with.

Your communication, influencing skills, relationships and commercial acumen will leap frog ahead of its current state.

The Future of Finance is here and without these skills, you risk a team full of robots, that add minimal value to your organisation.

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Once the robots arrive, the only thing left will be BUSINESS PARTNERING