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  • 8 x 2 hour workshops
  • Access to on demand video FBP Kickstart (6 hours of lessons)
  • Insights Discovery profiling of your own personal FBP style (valued at $995)
  • All templates provided
  • Work with global FBP expert
  • 22 hours CPD

Hello and Welcome to

FBP Accelerator: Expert

This program is designed to set you up for the future of finance. And there's not a spreadsheet or AI tool in sight.

Learn the secret power of how to build and leverage your relationships with the other functions.

This will speed everything you do up and allow you to Influence their decision making more effectively

We will also personally profile you using the world renowed Insights Discovery tool.

Identify how you take in information, process it and display it to the world. Then learn how you can adapt your style to be effective with any audience.

Finally we show you how to influence, communicate and craft a narrative. And turn it all into a killer presentation within one hour.

If you are looking to totally transform your career and turn you into that finance leader of the future, then sign up now

What will you be learning in this Finance Business Partner training?


Workshop 1:

Relationships & Questioning

With great relationships you get your questions answered, the information you are looking for and sometimes you even get things you haven't asked for.

We will also show you how to improve your questioning skills so you are able to find out what you need, when you need it, without pushing the other person away

Tuesday 8th October; 5pm-7pm (Sydney time)


Workshop 2:

Influence and Persuasion

Everyone in finance loves a good process. And so do great influencers. They don't leave it to luck, they follow a process to improve their chances of getting people to do things they don't want to do. And get themselves out of conflict when they find themselves in it. We will show you it and practice it.

Tuesday 15th October; 5pm-7pm Sydney time


Workshop 3:

Stakeholder preferences

Everyone takes in information, processes it and displays it to the world differently. We will show you how you do it, and what it means for your ability to connect effectively with your business partners in other functions

Tuesday 22nd October; 5pm-7pm (Sydney time)

Workshop 5:

Managing Stakeholders

Once you understand yourself, you can turn your attention to recognising others preferences....and then adapt your style to them. The day you are open to that, is the day you start to become a great FBP

Tuesday 29th October; 5pm-7pm Sydney time


Workshop 5:

How You Influence

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to influencing others

We will show you the parts you are good at, and the parts you are not so good at. And then show you ways to influence anyone at any time.

Tuesday 5th November; 5pm-7pm (Sydney time)

Workshop 6:

Storytelling Narratives

Storytelling isn't about making stuff up, or providing visuals nobody can understand. Every story ever told follows a very basic process and once known you will be able to engage every audience you ever speak to

Tuesday 12th November; 5pm-7pm Sydney time


Workshop 7:

Presentations (the basics)

Every time you get a chance to present you get a chance to propel your career. And FBPs do a lot of presenting. 

Whether its in a boardroom, or in a TED talk we will show you a model that can be applied to any presentation.

Tuesday 19th November; 5pm-7pm (Sydney time)

Workshop 8:

Presentations (Advanced)

The best way to get good at anything is to practice. And in this workshop you will do just that.

We will show you how to present anything to anyone in under an hour. And then you will do it live and it will be great! 

Tuesday 26th November; 5pm-7pm Sydney time


Endorsed by Professional Member Bodies

 All of our programs are endorsed and supported by two of the largest member bodies in the world.

- Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ)

- Association of Chartered Certified Accountanrts (ACCA)

Our workshops have been delivered for them over the years and we are proud they consider us to be their FBP experts


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