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  • 5 x 2 hour workshops
  • Access to on demand video FBP Kickstart (6 hours of lessons)
  • All templates provided
  • Work with global FBP expert
  • 16 hours CPD

Hello and Welcome to

FBP Accelerator: Essentials

In this workshop series we are going to introduce you to the essentials of FBP.

The fundamental principles, mindset, tools and techniques to help you at the beginning of your FBP journey.

We will show you how to free up time for FBP, communicate your numbers effectively, and visualisation techniques only the best are using.

We will then show you simple ways to help get people to action your insight and how leveraging your relationships will speed everything up.

If you know nothing about FBP this is perfect for you. 

But even if you think you know, this workshop series will fundamentally change the way you approach work with non finance people.


What will you be learning in this Finance Business Partner training?


Workshop 1:

The Principles of FBP

You can't be a great FBP if you don't know what one is. We will show you exactly what it is, and what it is NOT. We will also take you through the main errors most finance professionals make when trying to business partner and give you a technique you can use immediately to lift your effectiveness with others

Thursday 7th March 2024, 8am-10am Sydney time


Workshop 2:

Freeing Up For FBP

Ask any Finance Professional what is stopping them from being more effective with the other functions - "I just don't have the time".

Unfortunately time is the constant, not the variable. And we will show you how to rearrange your workload and have you focused on the things your organisation needs. And it's not another accrual or another report

Thursday 14th March 2024, 8am-10am Sydney time


Workshop 3:

Numbers and Visualisation

Most Finance Professionals are taught completeness and the use of tables of numbers to provide it. Give them everything and they won't have any questions

FBPs present just the best bits, in a way that engages their audience. So when the questions come, you already have the answers. 

Thursday 21st March 2024, 8am-10am Sydney time

Workshop 4:

Actionable Insights

Data Analytics is all the rage. But unless you understand what Insight is, and then have the means to get it actioned, then all of the analytics in the world means nothing.

Through our unique clockface model, we will show you how to get out of the Data and into the Action. And we don't even use a spreadsheet to do it.

Thursday 28th march 2024, 8am-10am Sydney time


Workshop 5:

Relationships & Questioning

Great relationships speeds everything up. And when you work in finance, doing things quicker for less has massive benefits.

We will show you how to improve your relationships and use techniques to extract information from people. By the time we are finished they will be bringing it to you before you've even asked.

Thursday 4th April 2024, 8am-10am Sydney time

Endorsed by Professional Member Bodies

 All of our programs are endorsed and supported by two of the largest member bodies in the world.

- Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ)

- Association of Chartered Certified Accountanrts (ACCA)

Our workshops have been delivered for them over the years and we are proud they consider us to be their FBP experts


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